vineri, 4 martie 2016

Smoking Beauty

there she sits by me as I’m waking
through a myriad reflecting mirrors
planted along the railway lines
would they talked on the radio about suicide out of love
which the room contains
would they placed a mike to my heart
her back is turned (I have no qualms, surely) and she is naked like the reflection in the mirror
her smoking gestures are wide
nearly daylight filling up the room
such an ending is in store for me
I listen as she blows the ashes from her breasts
outside Charlie Chaplin is handing out flowers to the flower girl
a wonderful world after all
in which she sighs before tipping the cigarette
I forgot to tell you
would the camera pursued
my hands as they are straying towards her
while my hands remain tucked under the pillow
I open close my eyes

translated by Adriana Bulz (poveste)

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